Walter Trout – The Blues Came Calling

Walter Trout
Walter Trout

Walter Trout continues to do very well indeed. His new liver is functioning GREAT. Now dealing with the magnitude of re-training a body that has severe atrophy. He was wasting away for months before his transplant, and the re-building of his body is a gargantuan task. However, he is determined and focused. The goal being back on stage in a year’s time! The new album, chronicling his recent experience, came out in Europe a few days ago. It is about to come out in the UK and the USA (June 9th and 10th.)
Great news indeed that Walter Trout has had his liver transplant and continues to make good progress towards a healthy recovery. Great news to see the release dates are here for Walter’s new CD, (tomorrow, June 10th in the US, though it has been released in Europe)’The Blues Came Calling’.

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