Steve Earle – Terraplane

Steve Earle – Terraplane The New Album.

Steve Earle is his usual refreshing self here, there’s a history that stretches back way before Lightnin Hopkins of 12 bar blues in E. The real standout tracks here stray away from that and let the rest of Steve’s awesome band in on the fun. I especially love ‘My Baby’s Just As Mean As Me’ a great, fun, wry country blues song that’ll really make to tap your toes.

I’m not sure Steve Earle has any idea how to make a bad album. The music just flows around and through him, and I’ve yet to hear anything that makes me doubt his awesome talent. If you wanted to be mean you’d say this album is “more Steve Earle doing what Earle does”. But that’s hardly an insult. Take a dose of blues, some bluegrass, some good old country and western, mix in a big pot, and you have a slice of Americana that just sizzles.

From the dark and rawness of The Tennessee Kid – where Earle offers up prose that morphs into a biting story of soul selling, hey it even references Robert Johnson – to the simple fun and games of Baby’s Just As Mean As Me, the journey through this album is varied, alive with ideas, and with impeccable execution – which doesn’t mean all smoothed out to oblivion, but instead with all the warts, dust, and smell of sweat in the air.
In terms of quality and flow of the songs. This is his best since “I Feel Alright.”

If anyone has lived a life that deserves the release of a down and dirty blues album, then Steve Earle is surely one of the prime contenders. He just oozes class and integrity and this album is just further confirmation of this. This is another one of those albums that you just stick on, maybe as a background to doing something else, but by the time you are a couple of tracks in you have put everything else down, turned up the volume and started wallowing in the grooves and sheer toe-tapping brilliance of this album.

Download here: Terraplane – Steve Earle & The Dukes

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