Rag n Bone Man Human

Rag n Boneman Human

Rag n Boneman

Rag n Bone Man Human

If you’ve been in the UK over the past month or so, you cannot have passed a radio without hearing ‘Human’, the new single from the Rag n Bone man aka Rory Graham. You may have mistaken his sound for that of Gregory Porter, but it’s unfair to compare the two of them. They are both great singers in their own right.

He has just released his debut album, also called Human and it’s a catchy tune, no wonder he’s popular. The single has been a huge global hit too, so it looks as though we will be hearing a lot more from this lad who hails from Sussex. Apparently, he spent a lot of time singing Hip Hop before finding his blues come soul holler. I’ve personally not heard the full album, only tracks played on various radio station, but, what I have heard is good!

With the success of his debut single comes the world wide tour…

With the success of his debut single comes the world wide tour. There’s details of it all on his website listed below. Elton John is said to have called him to offer his congratulations on the success of the single and to wish him well with the release of the album. They don’t come much bigger than Mr John calling you, so maybe that’s another sign of future stardom.

There’s not much I can add to the story, I haven’t got his number so I can’t call him, but I really do wish Rag n Bone man all the success in the world. I’m looking forward to hearing a lot more from this blues/soul ex hip hop man.

You can visit Rag n Boneman’s website here

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