Popa Chubby I’m Feeling Lucky

Popa Chubby I’m Feeling Lucky

Twenty five years in the business and there are some folks that may not be hip to the real deal that is Popa Chubby. Life has not always been easy or kind to Popa Chubby but this has only added to a swagger and attitude other blues artists continue to search for but with little luck. I’m Feelin’ Lucky is a bit more on the introspective tip yet the edge is there and the passion is only reinforced with guest artists Dana Fuchs on vocals and Mike Zito from the critically acclaimed Royal Southern Brotherhood.

A dynamic hybrid of a soulful urban flavor but a straight up blues flow that breathes fresh life into a genre that has been struggling since the death of Stevie Ray Vaughn. Tunes like “I’m A Pitbull” and the more dialed down “The Way It Is” showcase versatility and epitomize that Popa Chubby is far from the stereotypical one trick pony blues man. I’m Feeling Lucky Is a crossover release with the potential to score on the blues, rock, urban and possibly adult contemporary charts. Easily his finest work in years and further proof that time is in fact a musicians best friend when he has true heart.

There’s an album release party in NYC on Saturday, October 18th 2014 at The Waterfront Ale House, 2nd Avenue and 30th St, NYC. It starts at 10:00pm and is guaranteed to be an epic evening of live blues/rock. If you’re in NYC, then it’s the place to be.

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