Popa Chubby 100 Club London

Popa Chubby at The !00 Club London

After 5 years since he last performed live in the UK, Popa Chubby finally returned, opening at the 100 Club, Oxford Street, London. What a great gig it was too. For far too long, NY Blues fans have been starved from seeing the maestro perform, unless they made the trip into Europe.
However, I’m pleased to say that the wait has well been worth it! The night started off with some rip roaring blues from Katie Bradley and her band which includes the excellent guitar player Chris Corcoran.
By the time Popa Chubbycame on, the room was packed to the rafters. It’s great to see live music these days supported by a large crowd. And they’d come from all over, Birmingham, Kent, Manchester and Leeds. It was just like the old days!
Popa Chubby didn’t disappoint either. Ably assisted by Richie Monica (drums) and Conrad St.Clair (bass), the New York bluesman rocked the house. He could have played all through the night and I think the crowd would have stayed and listened.
He may look like trouble, but he is a gent at heart. Staying behind after the gig to meet, chat and sign copies of his latest CD Catfish with the 400 or so fans. All of us went home happy, ears buzzing and knowing we had just witnessed a couple of hours of blues/rock played by one of the unsung guitar giants of America.
Five years is a long time to wait between gigs for someone of this calibre. Let’s hope Popa Chubby is back on British soil before too long. You can find details of his music and tours on his website at Popa Chubby Website

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