Music From 2016

Looking back at the music from 2016, it’s fair to say, there’s been an awful lot of great music published this year despite the horrendous loss of so many musicians. Who can forget the…Read more

Mark Pontin Group Textures 0

Mark Pontin Group Textures

I’ve seen the Mark Pontin Group live, and I can tell you they’re very good. If you like your blues rock that’s quite rocky then you’ll love the Mark Pontin Group Textures album. Mark…Read more

Michael Messer 0

Michael Messer’s Mitra

There seems to be an abundance of blues albums released in 2016 and none better than Michael Messer’s Mitra. I have this habit of listening to an album and then going through the tracks…Read more

Bonnie Raitt 0

Bonnie Raitt Dig In Deep

Bonnie Raitt Dig In Deep is the 20th and latest album by this lady of the blues. Twelve tracks of great songs, five of which are written by Ms Raitts herself. There’s plenty of…Read more

I'm Back 0

I’m Back

Hey everybody, how ya’ll doing? I’m back. I’ve been away for too long, you know how it is, one minute everything is hunky dory, the next, you’re up in the air and looking towards…Read more


Warren Haynes Ashes and Dust

Warren Haynes Ashes and Dust is a tremendous new album from the Gov’t Mule artist. If you are expecting his usual high octane blues rock music, you will be disappointed. This is an entire…Read more