Andrew Winton – Numbers Down

Andrew Winton Andrew Winton grew up listening to Deep Purple, Kiss, Frank Zappa and Johnny Cash. He started his musical life as a drummer but in his later teenager years changed to electric guitar,…Read more


Jonny Lang

Jonny Lang a natural born guitar shredder. Learned to play at 12, released his first album at 16, Lie To Me, although his first recording was an independently released album with his band, Kid Jonny Lang…Read more


Pete Townshend – Driftin’ Blues

Pete Townshend Pete Townshend was one of the most important songwriters of Sixties and Seventies rock, as well as a dynamic performer and underrated guitarist. As leader of the Who, he wrote enduring nuggets…Read more


Steve Earle – Terraplane

Steve Earle – Terraplane The New Album. Steve Earle is his usual refreshing self here, there’s a history that stretches back way before Lightnin Hopkins of 12 bar blues in E. The real standout…Read more


Junior Parker – Love My Baby

Junior Parker Junior Parker was born in either Clarksdale, Mississippi, or West Memphis, Arkansas. He sang in gospel groups as a child, and played on the various blues circuits beginning in his teenage years.…Read more


T Model Ford – Chicken Head Man

T Model Ford Born in 1921, T-Model Ford waited until he was 58 to start playing the guitar and until he was 75 to start recording. “He has been shot, stabbed, and poisoned,” wrote…Read more


Big Bill Broonzy In Photographs

These photographs are from the book about Big Bill Broonzy, ‘I Feel So Good’ by Bob Riesman and published by The University of Chicago Press. Source: universityofchicagopressbooks