Michael Messer’s Mitra

Michael Messer

Michael Messer

There seems to be an abundance of blues albums released in 2016 and none better than Michael Messer’s Mitra. I have this habit of listening to an album and then going through the tracks to pick out my favourite. Well, I can tell you with my hand on heart, this album blew me away from the very first note right through until the very end! No kidding.

Not since the days of the Beatles have I heard music like this, and no, it’s not a Beatles tribute album or anything like that. It’s blues with added Indian accompaniment. It starts off with a real favourite of mine, ‘You’ve Got To Move’, and it’s so different and to me totally unexpected and unique in it’s overall sound. Someone called it Indian blues, but it really is so much more than that.

There’s something mesemerising about the added Indian instruments

Alongside Michael Messer is Hindustani slide player Manish Pringle and Tabla player Gurdain Rayatt. These old blues songs, which you think you have heard played every which way, electrically, acoustically, without instruments and until now, in this unique and most enjoyable way. Talk about ‘hair standing on your neck’, I was absolutely enthralled. There’s something mesemerising about the added Indian instruments, calming and yet adding an excitement to the music like I’ve never heard before. This is an awesome album, there’s no other way I can describe it. If you like the blues, you will love this. So different. One more thing, (Inspector Columbo), if I were to give it a score out of 10, which I never do, this would be 11, I like it that much!
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