Mark Pontin Group Textures

Mark Pontin Group Textures

Mark Pontin Group Textures

I’ve seen the Mark Pontin Group live, and I can tell you they’re very good. If you like your blues rock that’s quite rocky then you’ll love the Mark Pontin Group Textures album. Mark is a confident guitar player and it shows on this album. Leading a band that is made up of bass player, Alun Walters and drummer, Dafydd Davies the album kicks off with the wonderful Outside Inside. This isn’t my usual sort of listening, I usually go for the lighter, almost acoustic blues these days, but every now and then I will come across an album that is worthy of note, and this together with Popa Chubby’s Big, Bad and Beautiful has enthralled me.

Rising Before The Dawn is a great bluesy number and perhaps my favourite on this album. There’s a lot of talent going on in this album, the crafting of the songs as well as the musical ability of Mark Pontin and his comrades. The instrumental In The Middle is a great piece of guitar wizardry combined with a rhythm that moves this album forward.

It’s not all heavy electric guitar and there’s a lovely surprise with the acoustic instrumental Going Home completing the album. Overall, the album is musically great, the vocals, the playing, the timing all come together to produce what appears to be a well crafted piece of work. I must add too, they are a great live band and when you get the opportunity to see them, please do. You’ll enjoy yourself. You can see more information at Mark Pontin’s website.

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