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LP is apologising for wearing her sunglasses indoors.We’re having lunch at a restaurant round the corner from her label’s office, and the American artist is still not quite recovered from a hangover caused by a last-minute drinking session with friends in New York.It also means she’s yet to watch the Grammy Awards – but she does know what happened.“I know that Beyoncé was snubbed and I think that’s f***ed up. I know it’s f***ed up,” the 35-year-old says. You missed the most interesting thing at the Grammy Awards“I love Adele, but Lemonade was this bold, artistic stroke of genius… And this stuff keeps happening. No offence against Taylor Swift – I’m not against her, I just don’t listen to her music – but her winning last year over Kendrick [Lamar] and The Weeknd? Those two records [To Pimp a Butterfly and Beauty Behind The Madness] were f***ing bananas.” LP – born Laura Pergolizzi – feels that “the only good thing” about Donald Trump becoming US President is that he provided the shock people needed to wake them out of “a false sense of security”.“You think if Hillary won the Klu Klux Klan was gonna go away?” she says. “So this is galvanising people to fight for our rights again. I’m curious to see what goes down in the music world – back to Beyoncé, that was a statement, what she did with Lemonade. So I understand why people were freaking out after the Grammys, for her to not win with that record in this climate, that’s a smack in the face. But now we know what we’re dealing with.”

Source: LP interview: On Beyonce, ex-girlfriends, and her surprise hit song ‘Lost on You’ | The Independent

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