Jo Harman People We Become

Jo Harman People We Become

Jo Harman People We Become

Jo Harman People We Become

What a great start to 2017 in terms of music. Here’s a long awaited album by Jo Harman, ‘People We Become’ that I recently purchased. I was familiar with her first CD, ‘Dirt On My Tongue’  and there were a couple of tracks on there that blew me away, namely, ‘Sweet Man Moses’ and ‘Amnesty’.

The Girl With The Golden Voice

This latest release is special and that’s not just my opinion if you read all the reviews. Usually, when I first listen to an album I’ll pick up on one or two songs that I like. This is one of those albums where I like every song so much that I can’t pick a favourite. She really is the girl with the golden voice.

Whether she sings the blues, gospel, rock or anything else you can think of, she adds her unique vocals that brings it all to life and makes you listen and want to hear more. She’s also joined on one track, ‘When We Were Young’ by non other than the Doobie Brothers front man, Michael McDonald. It takes me back to my disco days of the 1970’s.

People We Become is going to be a classic!

This is a great album and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it doesn’t end 2017 without picking up a few awards along the way. Sometimes, I struggle to put into words how much I like an album so when I say ‘People We Become’ is going to be a classic, I hope you know how much I really like it. Well done Jo Harman and gang.

She has a website here: Jo Harman Website

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