Jack Owens & Bud Spires – Hard Time Killing Floor Blues

Jack Owens & Bud Spires Alan Lomax Archives

Jack Owens (vocal and guitar) and Benjamin “Blind Bud” Spires (harmonica) perform “Hard-Time Killing Floor Blues,” made famous by Owens’ friend Skip James. Shot by Alan Lomax, Worth Long, and John Bishop at Jack Owens’ farm near Bentonia, Mississippi, August 12, 1978. The Alan Lomax archive is a truly wonderful resource. A collection of video and audio that was made by Alan Lomax of a lot of blues singers, hollerers and gospel singers that would never have been heard had it not been for his perception of taking a camera or tape recorder to capture this important part of history of the blues.
There are over 300 videos on youtube alone, that give a great insight to how the blues started and how it was back in the day. Some of the recordings are just stories without any music, but what a great insight they give as to what it was really like in the days of living and working on a plantation.
If you are interested in the blues and its history, the Lomax archive is a gold mine. There is also a separate website to the youtube pages and you can find it here: alanlomaxarchives

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