Inwood Jones

Inwood Jones

Inwood Jones

A few years back I was spending time in New York City. Without a doubt, the city is full of music of all sorts. My favourite, if you didn’t know is the blues and New York has its own blend. However, on this occasion I took a trip across the Hudson to a little town called Hoboken in New Jersey. Hoboken is famous as the birthplace of the original teen idol, Frank Sinatra. They must have loved him, because they pulled down the house where he was raised!!!
Anyway, I went to Hoboken as I heard there was a great little jam going on at a bar called ‘The Dubliner.’ Arriving way to early I sat and enjoyed the scenery and the weather in their rooftop bar. I think the jam started around 8:00pm and I was immediately impressed with the quality of the musicianship. Billy Lee Riley had passed away the day before and there were a couple of his songs played out at the start as a mark of respect.

As the night wore on, there were quite a few names join in and play, people like Arthur Neilson who is the guitar player with Shemekia Copeland and David Gross a young upcoming guitar player also known for his production skills. While I listened intently to the live blues I noticed outside a huge old fashioned open topped Cadillac style car pull up at the kerbside. Two guys got out, both armed with guitars and headed straight into the jam. It wasn’t long before they were on stage. One a lead guitar player, the other a bassman. It turns out they were Vahan “Sweet Lou” Nahabedian on guitar and vocals and David Gerstein on bass.

I can still see them playing those songs……

They were soon on stage, rocking the place with their own songs. I later learned they were part of a band called ‘Inwood Jones.’ Their presence that night stuck with me and to this day, I can still see them playing those few songs they performed. They were joined by another guitar player, Sean Daly and I think George Morales was on drums. You know when you see a live band perform your favourite song and you don’t want it to end, well that’s just how this was.

To see them playing the second track off their CD, ‘Money, Marbles and Chalk’ called ‘I’m Gonna Love You’ was to me just musical heaven. Even David Gerstein was bouncing up and down to the rhythm. A great song, played well and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the CD.

I think it must have been a couple of years later before I did get hold of the CD when I had it bought for my birthday. It’s one of my favourite albums. I’ve kept an eye out over the years to see if Inwood Jones would follow up with anymore albums, but alas, it seems to not to be happening. That’s a shame, they had a lot of talent and genuinely seemed to enjoy performing their songs to a live audience. I am pleased to say their album is available on iTunes and CD Baby so the music is there forever. A great band, great songs, great album.

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