Danny Bryant – Temperature Rising

I was lucky enough to purchase myself a copy of Danny Bryant’s latest offering, Temperature Rising. If you thought that technical guitar solos were a trend left behind in the ’70s, listen to Danny Bryant’s Temperature Rising and you’ll see that, not only are they not left behind, but they are better left to be crafted by musicians equipped with skills worthy of pulling them off. Bryant showcases all of his talented capabilities right from the very start of this record. The first song hits you right in the chest with power chords, heavy bass lines and dusty, echoing vocals. Unlike many blues based rock musicians, Bryant digs deep into his talents and takes risks outside of the commonalities of the genre.
Intense is the operative word when describing this album. Not because it is in your face and down your throat, but because of the powerful emotion packed behind each song, and the way each track demands undivided attention to important details. From the intelligent lyrics to the forceful vocals, and all the way down to the polished production, this album sets the tone for what is to be expected of great blues rock music. Not only does Temperature Rising display Bryant’s musicianship in the form of an audible mural, this album brings his appreciation and passion for blues rock to the forefront of each song. It is clear from the work on this album, that the essence of Danny Bryant lies within the style and techniques of blues based rock.
The first half of the album is entrancing with upbeat rock grooves and hypnotizing instrumentation. The arrangement of each track is utterly seductive, in the way that Bryant structures the songs with creativity that heightens every human emotion. Bryant closes out the second half of the album by taking a step back from the upbeat rock riffs presented in the beginning, and dips his toes in the water of mellow emotion. The heavy ballads carry the album to a close with deep, drawn out arrangements that leave a lasting impression. “Razor Sharp” is the first song to set the tone for the album’s second half, and perfectly depicts exactly how deep bad relationships cut. It is Bryant’s ability to capture human emotion through the use of his impeccable musicianship that sets Temperature Rising a part from all other current blues rock records. Bryant has, not only a career defining work of art on his hands, but one that redefines the norms for the entire genre of blues rock.
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