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Inwood Jones

Inwood Jones A few years back I was spending time in New York City. Without a doubt, the city is full of music of all sorts. My favourite, if you didn’t know is the…Read more

Eric Clapton Unplugged 0

Eric Clapton Unplugged

Eric Clapton Unplugged This album is almost at the top of my all time favourites. It may even be top, depends on my mood. There’s not a bad track on it. Eric Clapton has…Read more


Jo Harman People We Become

Jo Harman People We Become What a great start to 2017 in terms of music. Here’s a long awaited album by Jo Harman, ‘People We Become’ that I recently purchased. I was familiar with her…Read more

Michael Messer 0

Michael Messer’s Mitra

There seems to be an abundance of blues albums released in 2016 and none better than Michael Messer’s Mitra. I have this habit of listening to an album and then going through the tracks…Read more

Bonnie Raitt 0

Bonnie Raitt Dig In Deep

Bonnie Raitt Dig In Deep is the 20th and latest album by this lady of the blues. Twelve tracks of great songs, five of which are written by Ms Raitts herself. There’s plenty of…Read more


Van Morrison – Duets

Van Morrison – Duets is the new album from seasoned pro, Van Morrison and his buddies. Duets is a re-working of some of his back catalogue with notable singers such as Joss Stone, Mavis…Read more

Eric Clapton Forever man 0

Eric Clapton Forever Man

Eric Clapton Forever Man A new album to help celebrate Eric Clapton’s 70th birthday will be released via Reprise Records on April 28th. 51 tracks spread across 3 CD’s, the album will span three…Read more


Joe Bonamassa – Shades of Blue

This review by: Ultimate Guitar There’s little to say about Joe Bonamassa that even the most casual blues rock listener doesn’t already recognize; the guitarist is one of the most exceptional musicians of this…Read more


Danny Bryant – Temperature Rising

I was lucky enough to purchase myself a copy of Danny Bryant’s latest offering, Temperature Rising. If you thought that technical guitar solos were a trend left behind in the ’70s, listen to Danny…Read more