Blind Pig Records Closes Its Doors

Blind Pig Records

Blind Pig Records

One of the largest Blues labels “Blind Pig” closes it’s doors.
Message from Edward Chmelewski and Jerry Del Giudice, Co-Founders of Blind Pig Records:
Blind Pig Records got its start in a very small basement blues club called the Blind Pig Café in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1977 and grew to become, as Billboard magazine put it, “one of the pre-eminent specialty labels in the world.”
Now, after a very great, rewarding, and challenging thirty-eight year run we are closing down the San Francisco and Chicago offices and turning the keys to the Pig Pen over to The Orchard, a fine, forward-looking organization that will care for the legacy of the label.
It’s been a great privilege to work with so many uncommonly gifted artists and to document their music. We’re proud to have produced recordings from traditional blues masters such as Big Walter Horton, Hubert Sumlin, Johnny Shines, Roosevelt Sykes, Otis Rush, and of course, the inimitable Magic Slim, who represents better than anyone the very DNA of the label and why we started it. And we’re proud to have preserved recordings from blues legends such as James Cotton, Muddy Waters, and Charlie Musselwhite.
It was also very gratifying to have introduced a new generation of blues stars to the world stage – talents like Tommy Castro, Big Bill Morganfield, John Németh, Damon Fowler, and Victor Wainwright. And, we were pleased to have the opportunity to work with music notables such as Bill Wyman, Ray Manzarek, Jeremy Spencer, and Commander Cody.
It’s been a great adventure, producing and preserving music that people get excited about. Just as nearly four decades ago we were changed by the music, we’d like to imagine that thirty-eight years from now there will be a moment when a young person listens to one of our recordings and it will change his or her life.
To all our friends, allies, and compatriots in the media and music biz who offered us support and encouragement for our endeavors, we, and the artists, thank you.One of the largest Blues labels “Blind Pig” closes it’s doors.

Source: Roots Music Report

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4 Responses

  1. Trev Jones says:

    This is just dreadful news! A real sad day for the blues and the music business as a whole.

  2. D.R LaVoie says:

    It is a sad day indeed, when ANY aspect of the Blues history is lost. Over the decades, the Blues Movement has sustained itself, and hopefully many young people will awaken to the discovery of this great sound, and climb aboard that old rail line from the Delta to Chicago, and keep this poetic music alive for generations to come.
    “Ol’ Blue Strat”

    • Trev Jones says:

      It is a sad day, but I agree with you that the Blues Movement sustains itself. I feel that the blues seem as popular in the last couple of years as they were in the 1960s.

  3. D.R LaVoie says:

    I forgot to mention in my previous post about a great book I just finished, “Fortunate Son”. It is a biography of John Fogerty, and the awful times he went through with his label Fantasy Records. They were absolutely BRUTAL in how they treated him, and ripped him off of so many royalties and music rights, and nearly drove him into bankruptcy. His band members were not much better, including his own brother Tom!
    John, in later years “Found” the blues, making numerous trips to the Delta, and locating old venues & gravesites that would give him a new outlook on his own music. He had loved the old blues artists since he was a kid, but never really got fully into it before. He gave a copy to my daughter two months ago, who gave it to me, because of my love of music, but it should be at retail by now, its a great ( but sad ) read.

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