Beth Hart – Better Than Home

Beth Hart – Better Than Home is the title of her new album. This is the press release that is on her website. Grammy nominated  singer/songwriter,  Beth  Hart,  has  never  sounded  better (musically  and  spiritually) than she does  on  her  new  album,  Better  Than  Home.   When  she  sings  clocks  stop, hearts  dance  and  neck hair tingles…it’s  that  compelling!

A  Planetmosh critic  said,  “I  was  just  blown  away  by  Beth’s  voice!”  and  American  Songwriter  proclaimed,  “Beth’s  tough,  throaty  voice…she  uses  that  powerful  instrument  to  best  effect  on  dramatic,  arena  filling  ballads.”

Beth’s  incredible  voice  is  what moved guitar  legends  Jeff  Beck,  Slash,  Joe  Bonamassa  and  Buddy  Guy  to  perform  with  her  on  records  and  in  concert.

She  reached national  attention  with  the  hit  single, L.A.  Song  (Out  Of  This  Town),  the single  reached  #6  in  the  Billboard  Modern  AC  chart  and  #7  in  the  Adult  Top  40 chart;  subsequent  album,  Bang  Bang  Boom  Boom,  made  it  to  #3  in  the  Billboard Top Blues  Album  chart  and  shortly  thereafter,  Beth  was  nominated  for  a  Blues  Music Award. Album  collaborations  with Joe  Bonamassa, Seesaw and Don’t  Explain,  made  it to  the  top  (#1  and  #3)  of  theBillboard    Blues  Albums  Chart,  to  #8  and  #22  on  the Billboard  Top  Independent  Albums  Chart  and  into  the Billboard  200.

International audiences  fell  in  love with  her  and  rewarded  her with  two  #1  singles  in  Denmark from albums Leave  The  Light  On and 37  Days (recorded  live).

Her  greatest  validation  as  one of the  defining voices  of  our  time, came when  her tribute  (alongside  Jeff  Beck)  to Buddy  Guy  on The Kennedy  Center  Honors special, received  one  of  the  only  2 standing ovations  of  the  evening, led  by  President  Barack Obama  and  his  wife, Michelle.
The  producer of The  Kennedy  Center  Honors,  Michael  Stevens, and  the  musical director,  Rob  Mathes,  saw  what  people  have  been  seeing  for  nearly  20  years:  a woman  who  wears  her  soul  on  her  sleeve  and  has  the  pipes  to  back  it  up.  Michael and  Rob  decided  to  produce  her  new  album,  Better  Than  Home. What  makes  Better Than  Home quite  possibly  her  greatest  album  is  that it  is  her  most  introspective work ever,  because  it  goes  to  the  depth  of  her  soul, revealing  terrible  pain  in  her  past, family  issues  and  personal  demons as  well  as  her coming  to  grips  with  them  and using  that  knowledge  to  find  the  real  beauty  in  her life

More Info: Beth Hart Website

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