Beatles Songs Strawberry Fields Forever

Beatles songs Strawberry fields

Beatles Songs Strawberry Fields Forever

50 years ago today, 17th, February, 1967 one of the great Beatles songs Strawberry Fields was released. On the flip side of Penny Lane, the Lennon penned Strawberry Fields was inspired by the now famous children’s home in Liverpool. Originally, it was to be included on Sgt Pepper, but was released as a double A side.

A psycho-analysis set to music!

Lennon said he was never happy with the final version, having originally written it at a much faster speed. It was George Martin who slowed everything down after it was recorded giving it that unique sound. I don’t know if the lyrics were drug inspired or were written with meaning. In an interview in 1980, Lennon was quoted as saying it was a song about him. A psycho-analysis set to music!

The introduction of the Mellotron

One of my all time Beatles songs Strawberry Fields is a classic. Full of orchestrations, electronics and infused with a dream like feel. Who else could write such a great song that includes lines likeĀ That is you can’t you know, tune in? There were about 3 or 4 different versions too.

It seems the tapes were spliced, the recording slowed down and the introduction of the Mellotron. I don’t know if they ever used it again, but on this song, you instantly recognise the intro. Then again, there’s not many Beatles songs you don’t recognise the intro, if any. 50 years is a very long time. The song still has a freshness about it after 5 decades.

Like most folks, I’m a Beatles fan and always will be. They wrote, sang and played so many great songs I doubt they’ll ever be bettered. Who knew that 50 years to the day of its release, Strawberry Fields would still be celebrated? I’m off to find my tree to see if anyone is there.

Here’s a link to the song on The Beatles website.

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