Shaky Joe Chuddy

Shaky Joe Chuddy

This blog has almost become an encyclopedia as time has progressed. You will see posts that show new album releases from 2 or 3 years ago, which of course is when they were released. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the music on here as much as I do writing about it.

Twolightson was setup as a website to show my love and passion for music. The name Twolightson is taken from a line by the famous bluesman, Robert Johnson, ‘Love in Vain’ and later made popular by The Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton.

I hope to post about current and past music makers from all over the world as well as keeping an eye out and pushing newcomers. If I like the song or the album, you can bet I’m going to blog about it, regardless if their a classic band like the Stones or just a necomer. I’m really pleased about this blog and hope that together we’ll get to hear a lot of music.

I’ve also got a Facebook Page, Twitter and Youtube pages, so I’d love to see you on there. Take care Shaky Joe Chuddy