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Mark Pontin Group Textures 0

Mark Pontin Group Textures

Mark Pontin Group Textures[/caption]I’ve seen the Mark Pontin Group live, and I can tell you they’re very good. If you like your blues rock that’s quite rocky then you’ll love the Mark Pontin Group Textures album. Mark is a confident guitar player and it shows on this album. …..

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Michael Messer 0

Michael Messer’s Mitra

There seems to be an abundance of blues albums released in 2016 and none better than Michael Messer’s Mitra…………

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Bonnie Raitt 0

Bonnie Raitt Dig In Deep

Bonnie Raitt Dig In Deep is the 20th and latest album by this lady of the blues. Twelve tracks of great songs, five of which are written by Ms Raitts herself…….

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I'm Back 0

I’m Back

Hey everybody, how ya’ll doing? I’m back. I’ve been away for too long, you know how it is, one minute everything is hunky dory, the next, you’re up in the air and looking towards the skies.

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Beth Hart 0

Beth Hart Union Chapel Islington

On Monday 14th, December, 2015 I was very fortunate in that I had a ticket to see Beth Hart at The Union Chapel, Islington, London. I was there early and yet the queue stretched...

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Blind Pig Records 4

Blind Pig Records Closes Its Doors

One of the largest Blues labels “Blind Pig” closes it’s doors. Message from Edward Chmelewski and Jerry Del Giudice, Co-Founders of Blind Pig Records: Blind Pig Records got its start in a very small...

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Vintage Trouble 0

Vintage Trouble 1 Hopeful Road

Vintage Trouble 1 Hopeful Road is a brand new album from this high energy band. A follow on from their ‘Bomb Shelter Sessions’ album, the music just gets better and better. From the very...

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Warren Haynes Ashes and Dust

Warren Haynes Ashes and Dust is a tremendous new album from the Gov’t Mule artist. If you are expecting his usual high octane blues rock music, you will be disappointed. This is an entire...

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Rory Gallagher 1

Rory Gallagher

Rory Gallagher, two decades have passed since he went home. Even after twenty years, it’s difficult to find the words to explain the gaping hole his passing has left, not only to the world...

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BBKing by Burch Scribbles 3

BB King Time Lapse Drawing

Brilliant artwork of the late BB King allowing everyone to enjoy this time lapse. The artist is known by the name of Burch Scribbles. You can see more of his work on youtube by...

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