Charley Patton

Charlie Patton 83 years ago today, April 28th, 1934, Charley Patton passed on. Often called The Father of The Blues He left a legacy of American music as well as being the inspiration for…Read more


Inwood Jones

Inwood Jones A few yeas back I was spending time in New York City. Without a doubt, the city is full of music of all sorts. My favourite, if you didn’t know is the…Read more

LP 0

LP Interview

I Love This Lady LP is apologising for wearing her sunglasses indoors.We’re having lunch at a restaurant round the corner from her label’s office, and the American artist is still not quite recovered from…Read more


Rag n Bone Man Human

Rag n Bone Man Human If you’ve been in the UK over the past month or so, you cannot have passed a radio without hearing ‘Human’, the new single from the Rag n Bone man aka…Read more


Jo Harman People We Become

Jo Harman People We Become What a great start to 2017 in terms of music. Here’s a long awaited album by Jo Harman, ‘People We Become’ that I recently purchased. I was familiar with her…Read more